Solar Dynamix is a leading provider of comprehensive photovoltaic (PV) solar energy solutions and is committed to conducting its business in a sustainable manner -environmentally, socially, and financially.

Our vision is to lead the UK’s sustainable energy future and our sustainability mission is to lead by example and empower the next generation.

We provide the industry’s most eco-efficient PV energy installations which generate more solar electricity at a competitive cost and with the smallest environmental impacts on a lifecycle basis.

We recognise and accept our legal duty of care toward the environment and are committed not only to complying with our legal duties and with other requirements to which we subscribe but to exceed these requirements where reasonably practicable. Energy generation and consumption is a major contributor to the production of greenhouse gases and global warming.

Solar Dynamix UK Limited seek to manage our use of energy, reducing consumption and continuously improving efficiency wherever possible.

We seek to identify all processes that generate waste and will seek to avoid environmentally harmful disposal by eliminating, minimising, or reusing waste products wherever reasonably practicable or, where this cannot be achieved, identifying and taking advantage of opportunities for recycling.


We continually look at new ways to reduce our energy consumption in our office, homes, and vehicles.

Energy saving LED lighting installed throughout, all lights switched off when not in use.

All of the schemes we design for our clients minimise energy consumption and pollution and increase efficiency.

To minimise fuel consumption engineers, share vehicles on their journeys to and from site.

Wherever possible, we will keep our journeys to 75 miles or less.

When we replace vehicles (engineer vans and manager cars) we strive to replace with electric.

We have invested in a duplex printer which enables us to print on both sides of a page thereby using less paper.

Our printer uses solid ink which produces up to 90% less printing waste than comparable colour laser devices.

We only print our emails if necessary.

We switch off our appliances at night if possible.

We use environmentally friendly products in bathroom and kitchen areas.

Reduced number of face-to-face meetings – use of video instead.

Wherever possible we purchase materials from suppliers with a commitment to achieving carbon neutrality.

Suppliers must deliver materials to site on a multi-drop run, not make individual trips.

We commit to considering the environmental cost of energy production alongside and in equal measure, to its financial cost when selecting and reviewing our energy supplies.


We always look to reuse items before sending them for recycling or waste disposal.

All our module mounting rails are measured and reused where possible.

We reuse old paperwork for notepads.

We use rechargeable batteries for our handheld devices


We always recycle any item we can including paper, packaging, and wooden pallets.


As a company we constantly monitor our working practices and look for improvements.

In the last year we have introduced:

• Van sharing– for workers travelling to and from site

• Car sharing – for office-based workers

• Home working wherever possible

• Recycling for every project we work on

• Recycling in our offices

Management of waste:

Lithium batteries – Used batteries are collected directly from site by a battery recycling contractor.

Cables Waste – Cable is to be returned to our premises and recycled at a local recycling yard.

Metals Waste – Metal such as rails is returned to our premises and recycled at a local recycling yard.

Cardboard packaging – Cardboard and packaging is placed in a paper recycling skip on site, for collection by approved paper recycling contractor

Food waste – Food waste is placed in its own bin

Non-food waste – Non-food waste is placed in its own bin

Printers Cartridges – are collected for re-cycling

Paper – Is collected for recycling

IT equipment – Old IT equipment (e.g. computers, printers, fax machines) are collected by an approved computer recycling contractor or gifted for reuse.

Supply Chain

We only buy our electrical materials from suppliers who demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. All suppliers have offices and / or production plants in the UK, to minimise the impact on the environment from long-distance travel.