Solar PV Maintenance & Repair

Solar Dynamix repairs and maintains solar PV electricity systems of all sizes ranging from small domestic systems to commercial systems comprising of hundreds of panels. We look after thousands of systems and offer an Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG) which boosts consumer confidence, as homeowners know that they are protected in the unlikely event of your company ceasing to trade.

Why choose Solar Dynamix?

Our people are experts in their field. They understand your needs, the challenges you face and they know how to help you become more energy-efficient, kind to the environment and most importantly save you money.

Free solar assessment

In our free assessment, either by phone or in-person, we fact find and look for faults with your PV solar systems and in many cases, we give advice over the phone that allows customers to get their system up and running themselves.

Great value and no hidden charges

We offer cost-effective maintenance and repair services for all our own systems and also for Solar PV and Solar Thermal Systems installed by other companies through our Insurance Backed Guarantee.

Common maintenance fixes and servicing

  • Checking of all solar wiring
  • Poor performance
  • Failure of components
  • Generation meter
  • Storm damage
  • Repairs through insurance claims
  • Panels and invertor
  • Re-positioning of panels
  • Change of antifreeze for solar hot water
  • Testing on the output of both A/C and D/C voltages

At Solar Dynamix, we look at things differently

If you are looking to get more information regarding our warranties, products and servicing, please get in touch.

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