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8 reasons to choose Solar Dynamix to install your commercial solar panel system.

We only install the latest models from the leading brands. We include a 10 year insurance backed guarantee which includes free installation from our qualified electrical engineers.

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Chris Webb

I have a 4kw system with no batteries, and had them installed since late May. June’s electricity bill was £27 and £30 in July and that’s including the standing charge. I don’t have batteries so direct excess into my hot tub, which is an added luxury that I could not afford without the panels. Yes I expect a lot higher bills in the winter but can afford what I pay just now so building up credit for when the price hike comes.


Denise Campbell

This time last year I was paying for 76 KWh from the grid , now I’m down to 32 KWh
Calculate that over a period of time and it’s the best decision I made to contact Solardynamixuk to install solar panels and storage batteries. My home is 100% dependant on electricity , including pumping up water from a bore hole ask off the mains supply , I run a 4 bed room B&B in summer season and drive a Nissan Leaf eV so charge it at home 99% of the time I’m now aiming for maximum battery storage


Mark Barnes

Dave Thomas they installed mine in mid May 4 kw panels and battery storage
My entire home bill for June was £19.40 £15 of that was standing charge So £4.40 off grid And July was £21.22 again £15 was Daily charge In winter when I don’t generate much I can top batts up over night On octopus tafiff for 7.5p a kw And I can also charge my car and heat water etc for 7.5p That’s from 23.30 till 05.30


What is an insurance backed guarantee?

An Insurance Backed Guarantee is a valuable protection for both tradespeople and their customers.

An Insurance Backed Guarantee boosts consumer confidence, as homeowners know that they are protected in the unlikely event of your company ceasing to trade.

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Solar Dynamix UK Limited are HIP accredited. This helps us protect our customer’s deposits and guarantees the completion of work. You can find out more by heading over to the HIP website.

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