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Through our extensive market research, we have identified that 9/10 of the companies that installed solar panels have gone bust and ceased trading and left customers in a difficult position as they have no valid warranty. Other issues customers are facing are:

  • The current solar system isn’t working efficiently
  • The inverter is faulty / not operating
  • No point of contact if they have issues
  • Never been serviced or checked to make sure PV system is working efficiently
  • Installed solar add-ons i.e batteries optimisers that are not fit for purpose or not installed properly
  • Not getting fit tariff

These are just some of the problems customers are facing.

Solar Dynamix UK provides a 10-year company warranty on full PV systems which includes covering our customers against defects, replacement parts and workmanship.

Independent Warranty

The independent warranty that we provide our customers with is by far the most important piece of the jigsaw.

Company Warranty

Don’t let your business get stranded with inefficient inverters and stuck behind a non-existent warranty.

Helping you become more energy efficient

Do you know if your system is generating the correct return on your fit tariff?
Has your solar installer gone bust?
Have you ever had a service to ensure your system is working efficiently?
Are you without a warranty?

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What is an insurance backed guarantee?

An Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG) is valuable protection for tradespeople and their customers. An Insurance Backed Guarantee boosts consumer confidence, as homeowners know that they are protected in the unlikely event of your company ceasing to trade.

Solar Dynamix UK is proud approved members of the Home Improvement Protection scheme who mirror the warranty that we give our customers on the product or products that we install.

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Solar Dynamix UK Limited are HIP accredited. This helps us protect our customer’s deposits and guarantees the completion of work. You can find out more by heading over to the HIP website.

What is an inverter?

An inverter is the main component of the system which converts the energy from the grid (DC) to AC energy which is suitable for household use. If the inverter stops working for any reason then the customer without a warranty would be liable for any costs to replace it.

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What is feed in tariff?

Feed-in tariffs are a payment to ordinary energy users for the renewable electricity they generate but do not use (excess) the Feed-in tariffs (also known as FIT) are paid to the customer directly from the energy company (not the company who installed the panels). FIT is due to end this April 2019 however for all customers already claiming FIT prior to this are unaffected and will still receive their payments.

No obligation quote

A no obligation quote

We can provide you with a no obligation quote on the service and maintenance plans that we are providing for customers up and down the country.