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Range of PV Inverters

We specialise in Growatt Inverters and all up and coming new product lines. Solar Dynamix also has in-depth knowledge and understanding of all Growatt products and supply outstanding technical support to all our customers.

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DC Battery Storage Systems

A Growatt DC Battery storage device is a charge controller that is added to the DC strings and constantly monitors the demands in the building and either lets the energy through to the inverter (where it is converted to AC as normal), or diverts it to the battery if the energy isn’t needed in the building at that time.

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AC Battery Storage Systems

AC batteries are a new evolution in battery storage for grid-connected homes. It allows batteries to be easily AC coupled to your new or existing solar installation. Since AC batteries consist of lithium battery cells, a battery management system (BMS) and inverter/charger all in one unit.

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The Bunsen Air System

The Bunsen Air can be simply refitted to any existing hot water cylinder or be installed with a new one, turning the hot water cylinder into a solar system which can generate 100% of a household hot water requirements day and night.

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