Insulation Dynamix is part of the wider Solar Dynamix group and installs spray foam loft insulation to properties of all shapes and sizes ranging from domestic homes to large commercial properties.

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Key Benefits Of Synthesia Spray Foam

  • Significantly reduce your energy bills
  • Improve air quality
  • Improved indoor comfort
  • Eliminate hot and cold spots
  • Reduce infiltration of pollutants, allergens and other asthma triggers
  • Longevity, as Synthesia spray foam lasts a building's lifetime

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8 reasons to choose Insulation Dynamix to install your spray foam loft insulation

We include a 10 year insurance backed guarantee which includes free installation from our qualified engineers.

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Upgrade Your Efficiency

One of the best ways to retrofit your existing home is to eliminate the uncontrolled flow of air and moisture that moves in and out of the structure. Allowing unwanted air to enter and conditioned air to escape, will increase your energy consumption and negatively impact your overall comfort. When retrofitting your home you should take into consideration your biggest point of energy loss, your attic. Sealing this area with Synthesia spray foam insulation will greatly enhance your comfort and provide savings for your home’s lifespan. Attics typically consume 35% of the energy to heat and cool your home.

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Application Process

Usually applied to attic spaces, spray foam insulation adheres directly to the underside of the roof sheathing to protect the entire space from seasonal changes in temperature, air and moisture related damage. This creates a vapour barrier which tightly envelopes the building as spray foam is installed between roof rafters, along the soffit areas and directly to all exterior surfaces.

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Air Sealing

Air infiltration or leakage is the unwanted introduction of outside air into a building, typically through cracks in the building envelope. Homes which are not equipped against this process use, on average, 30% more energy than sealed homes - whilst also suffering from uncomfortable side effects such as drafts and cold spots. Controlling air infiltration is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after countermeasures in both construction and retrofit practices.

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Thermal Imagery

An effective way to determine the heat loss or gain in a building envelope is by using thermal imaging photography. Thermal imaging identifies leaks where air may be entering or exiting a building by displaying warmer areas with distinct RED color, as it stands out against cooler areas. Please see an example above, of a UK home before and after insulation was applied.

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What Can Spray Foam Do That Fiberglass Cant?

As it is applied either directly to the underside of the roof sheathing, or between the roof rafters, soffit areas and interior surfaces of a home, spray foam insulation has a number of advantages over traditional fibreglass insulation. By insulating the entire attic from exterior temperatures at the source, as opposed to in specific areas once infiltration has already occurred, the building envelope is much more secure and the conditioned space of the home not only increases, but remains more consistent.

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Insulation Dynamix are proud to be fully accredited Synthesia applicators. Our clients can rest assured their homes are being fitted with the best product at the highest standard.

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